One Source of Life Eternal || Beginnings

OSOLE Beginnings

The Spiritual Center, Inc. was founded in 1993 as a loving tribute
and memorial to a dear teacher, healer and friend.
This teacher taught how to discern and understand beyond
intellect, something greater than this human world and
earthly-laws. She created a spiritual garden while
here and passed along her mantle of healing
before transitioning in 1983.

The name, Spiritual Center, was originally chosen to reference
the heart, our own spiritual center of being and place within,
whereby we all have access to One Source Of Life Eternal.
The heart is a conduit, an opening through which OSOLE
may function and interact with us. The ability of the heart
to perceive messages well surpasses that of the mind.
The mind has limited perceptional understanding
while the heart is limitless.

The Universe now indicates a readiness to bring forth a new
dimension. OSOLE arises out of Spiritual Center
ashes creating life anew. Old dying into itself,
allowing for new birth, as is with all life...

~ And So It Is ~

~ The heart is passageway to OSOLE ~

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