One Source of Life Eternal || The intention of OSOLE

Intention of OSOLE

The heart, when prepared and made ready, will be filled with inspiration
from ONE SOURCE OF LIFE ETERNAL and understand that all love,
peace, guidance and healing comes from this one same Source.

Lightworkers may be the first to grasp this concept for they
already extend unity-of-being-wisdom through their works of love.
When guided, one may wish to incorporate the symbol within their
environment and commodities. Application signifies heart and
mind intention of desire to create universal healing/unity.

Lovingly continue to share from the heart. When extending such
energy others are prepared to receive their gift of love.
They in turn move into their circles of work and when readied,
pass along the gift they have received. Adding the symbol
somewhere within life/business surroundings denotes
personal awareness that mankind come together in love.

As mass consciousness continues to rise and nations realize
the need for harmony, the symbol will indicate universal solidarity.

Every person, state and country retains its unique individuality. When each
is strong enough within their own being, they can build and blend in
universality without fear of individual compromise or loss.

OSOLE is the umbrella under which all people will one day join. There
will be no competition but instead accordance and compliance.
It is now time for re-birthing, of our own person
and the world, into unity of being.

Our world is being prepared for ascension.
Bless every heart as it is made ready for this next step.

~ And So It Is ~

~ The heart is passageway to OSOLE ~

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