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Thank You

Dear Ones,
Thanksgiving and gratitude is generously extended to
the many who stand in loving support of
One Source of Life Eternal.

Special appreciation to Carmen and Laurie who initially
helped hold the infinite conceptual energy of OSOLE.

Gratitude also to Dorothy and Sharon
who joined with Carmen and Laurie in various locales
to sow seeds and imprint the Earth with OSOLE energy;
while Thea continues to be a beacon of encouragement
revealing directional guide posts for OSOLE.

To Judie who produced the original OSOLE logo
and finally to Cheyenne Marie;
who with artistic talents
and intuitive insight has created this beautiful
web site in which OSOLE may now be shared with the world.

Thank you all with much love and gratitude,

~ The heart is passageway to OSOLE ~

Special Acknowledgements

"Mt. Hood" copyright© Jan Lucas
(photo on Beginnings page and again
as "orange mountain sunrise" on
Photo Gallery slide show)


"Moments of Peace" by Charles Suniga
(audio on Photo Gallery slide show)

"OSOLE is a liberating message of love and oneness.
It represents all that is and holds the key to unlock
the love that resides within our hearts
to serve and nourish the soul."

Laurie Lankins Farley
Author, The Positive Little Soul;
Director, School of the New Spirituality;
Creative Director of Cwg4kids

Judie Maron-Friend, the artist who produced the OSOLE logo,
is a 30+ year veteran of the Graphics Arts industry as a
Designer and Art Director. In the last decade, she has
turned her career focus to the Healing Arts as an
Energy Worker with knowledge of many disciplines
including the practice and instruction of a
technique called Quantum-Touch.

She remains involved with her first love (as a Designer)
by providing her design services to folks in the Healing
Arts and those who are of like mind.

Judie Maron-Friend
Certified Quantum-Touch
Instructor & Practitioner
Owner, Hands of Freedom Healing
Energy Healing
Emotional Release Work
8725 NE Broadway Street
Portland, OR 97220

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