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ascribes to no one religion yet has encompassed them all.

OSOLE supersedes religious labels, sects and divisions humanity
has created for itself in order to believe and trust
in a Supreme-Divine power and order.

OSOLE recognizes each and every level of personal understanding
as part of on-going soul growth and development and
in loving wisdom awaits, with warm welcome,
the time of oneness and re-union of all.

Spiritual Masters have manifest to mankind with similar messages
at different times, in various locations and to diverse people.
Their truths did not encourage separation, instead
peace, love and unity and were understood
according to the comprehension level
commensurate with the times.

As growth becomes us, we move beyond limitations of organized religion.
Remember these are ideas and interpretations based in and upon
understandings of long ago. Religion is human creation.
Search farther, trust and live the truth Masters
have come to impart, it lies within you.

Simply stated:

There is a power greater than ourselves that created and lives all;
seek, find and love IT with all your heart, mind and soul.
love each other as Universal brothers and sisters.

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